“Restore the Community”

At the ACLC Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, April 1, 2017, Evangelist Blinky Williams from True Vine Baptist Church warmly welcomed everyone in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on behalf of True Parents and the American Clergy Leadership Conference.  Immediately following this, musicians from Sadoc Christian Peace Family Church unleashed the power of the Holy Spirit with praise and worship.

Then a newly appointed Youth Ambassador for Peace, Tene’ Kishan, electrified the audience with a rap entitled “Change the World”. Tene’ is the founder of an afterschool program for mentoring and tutoring 3rd and 4th graders called Proud Community.

The theme of the prayer breakfast, “Restore the Community”, was based on 1 John 4:24, which affirms that “he who loves God must love his brother also”.  Keynote speaker, “Sweet” Alice Harris has truly exemplified this Bible verse throughout her 83 years of life. Founder and Executive Director of Parents of Watts, she is a community legend in Los Angeles where she has dedicated her life to mentoring youth and providing assistance to people who are disadvantaged or underserved. She testified that her faith and love for God compelled her on a life long journey to break the bondage and destruction to the family that the welfare system has engendered in her community.

Dr. Nicholas Benson, Los Angeles ACLC Co-Chair, opened the program up to everyone present for questions and comments for Sweet Alice. An offering was taken for Parents of Watts and we watched a short but inspiring video about ACLC and the value of the Blessing of Marriage.

Rev. Durham

Then Rev. Grover Durham, a member of the Crisis Response Team of Los Angeles, testified to an ACLC Seminar with Archbishop Stallings which he recently attended at IPEC in Las Vegas and Dr. Austin Williams, Senior Pastor of True Vine Baptist Church, closed us in prayer.

Special thanks to Katsuko Pierce and her team of volunteers who prepared and served a terrific breakfast!

Upon reflection, Sister Peggy Briggs from Christian Light exclaimed: Today was a great day! The food and fellowship was very good! Sweet Alice was so kind and informed us of what is needed to help our future. The Holy Spirit was there! I look forward to the next one. I think I speak for everyone, it was a blessed program!

Reported by Susan Munsell, Los Angeles ACLC Co-Chair


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