Dear Friends and Partners of ACLC,

The conference theme is “Men and Women of Faith Healing a Divided Nation and World.” After a polarizing and raucous presidential race, a year of racial tension, and terrorist attacks across the globe, it is time for faith leaders to come together to call on God to heal our wounded land. No single church or denomination alone can solve the problems we face throughout the world. Faith leaders today are required to not only be growers of churches, but also Kingdom builders.

Jesus charged us as his followers to be as one, as a testimony to our Father in Heaven. Sadly, our denominational and racial divisions present a feeble witness to our God, who is sorely needed today. Our unity, however, does not require uniformity. In fact, at ACLC we celebrate our diversity. God created each of us uniquely and God is using our differences to reach all people for His glory.

We need your voice and presence at the convocation. The program will also feature the first National True Family Values Awards Luncheon on Saturday, December 3rd at the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY. During the banquet, we will celebrate couples who are making a significant impact in their communities. That same day, there will be a performance by the Little Angels at the Manhattan Center. This Korean Folk Ballet troupe has delighted audiences around the world. Their performances are filled with charm, humor and graceful precision.

The registration fee for the entire conference is $299. Your registration includes double occupancy accommodations for Thursday and Friday nights, conference materials, and conference meals starting with dinner on Thursday, December 1st and concluding with the True Family Values Awards Banquet on Saturday, December 3rd. You can also choose to participate in portions of the program.
I sincerely hope you can find time in your busy schedule to join us for this opportunity to call on God to bring us together as one family under God.


+Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.
Co-Chairman, ACLC

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