An International, Inter-Religious (ACLC) Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony was held in Worcester, Massachusetts on May 26, 2018. Three ministers from different denominations and a congregational member couple received the Blessing. The joy, laughter, tears, words of appreciation and the new confidence the couples and guests gained after the Blessing was a unique experience with our Heavenly Parent, True Parents, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the entire good spirit world. It was such a spirit-filled environment. Indeed we had a “mountain-top experience.”

Our Emcee, Dr. Bishop Edgerton did a wonderful job, bringing an inspiring messenger of our Heavenly Parent. He guided the event like a beautiful flowing river, running smoothly from beginning to end. The officiating couple, Rev. Bismarck and his wife, looked beautiful standing together as representative of our loving True Parents. The attendants look so heavenly in their white dresses and pink vests, lining up to welcome the couples.

The minister couples were so prepared. Some of these ministers waited for 4 years or more for this moment to come. Some of them had been in ACLC for many years. Their faces look so bright as they marched in to receive the Blessing. At the end, the couples expressed their thanks, gratitude, and joy through their testimonies.

Couples’ testimonies:

“I’ve been waiting for this moment to come. I’ve been associated with Worcester Family Church for more than 5 years. The first time I met the church, I was struggling with my relationship with my wife. We’ve been separated for a long period of time while working here in America. They are so many “foxes” around that I have to be strong with my faith and my love to my wife. The WFC really helped me put my life together and now I’ve been blessed to be with my wife forever!” – Jacob Uba

“I’ve been blessed! I was married to my wife 8 years ago in the same place here in Martin Luther King Empowerment Center. Now, I have married again, but a different kind of marriage, it’s the Holy Marriage Blessing from our True Parents!” It’s a dream come true!” – Pastor Mike Stoliker

“I am so happy today. I attended the ACLC and I love the mission and vision of ACLC and the unity among the Pastors from the different denominations. This Blessing made me realize that there is hope! That if we work together as ministers and be blessed through the Holy Marriage Blessing, we can make America strong, not with guns, but with our spirit and soul. We can transform the people and young generation of this country to love God, and serve the church through our unity and the love of God love that we can give them!” – Pastor Mario Gonzales

“My wife and I are very happy with the marriage blessing ceremony that was performed at the WFC!  Everything was so beautiful and so well prepared!  My wife was so pleased that all she spoke about.  This is a double blessing.  First, the blessing of the Lord when God matched me with my wife was a former Nun.  My wife never had a boyfriend, never kissed a man, my wife lived a very quiet and isolated life until she retired and met me by way of introduction by her sister my friend.  we were married and together for over 18 years. Now we are blessed again by way of Worcester Family Church!  My wife really was impressed and overjoyed with the Blessings.  She is pleased and she wants to let couples know about the Blessings as she started to let her friends and family know about this special ceremony.  I am so grateful that my Pastor Machado and Yoshie Takashi for the opportunity of bringing peace and joy.” – Pastor Edward Rivera


Submitted by Pastor Leonita Machado, ACLC-MA


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