ACLC-Chicago: Keynote of 21st True Family Values Banquet: “NEADS”

January, 2017:  Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr. gave the keynote address at the 21st True Family Values banquet in Chicago.   You can view the video here: Arch. Stallings “Consider personal and public needs through a different spelling of ‘NEADS,’ where the letters symbolize the premise that if life is ‘now’ not fulfilling ‘expectations,’ it’s time […]

ACLC-Chicago: “Women Stay United in the Heart and Spirit of God – Uplifting Marriage and Family”

“In the early church there was danger and disunity.   But we must make every effort to keep the unity among us, prevent things from dividing us.  In practice we sometimes allow secondary things to divide us.  If you don’t have love on the inside, you can’t keep that bond of unity…  Let us do our […]

NJ ACLC Prayer Breakfast : “The Kingdom of Heaven is realized through families”

“Why did God create man and woman? He wanted to see himself in His creation. God is love. However, love all by itself is incomplete. God needed a family to become His love,” was the theme of the Nov. 5, 2016, prayer breakfast held at Clifton, NJ Family Church, attended by 30 clergy and ministry […]