ACLC-Dallas: “24/7 In the House of the Lord”

“Where is the ‘House of the Lord’? Is it a building? No, it’s actually inside you. Each of you is a House of the Lord. Therefore, Peace Begins with ME!” Keynote speaker Dr. Luonne Rouse, national co-chairman of ACLC, gave a powerful message at our May 20 prayer and unity dinner entitled “24/7 in the […]

ACLC-NJ: A Missionary’s Passion

“God’s Kingdom should be existing in this world. Being mission-minded is not just talking about it, but doing it. Millions of people in America have heard the Word, but not every Christian is a missionary …Only what we do for Christ will last.”  Rev. Joseph Fairley Rev. Dr. Michael Sykes, (ACLC National Executive Committee Member, […]