Rev. Dr. Tanya Edwards the Pastor of NYCFC gave the main message

Dr. Tanya Edwards gave a powerful message on the Blessing. She testified that she comes from a long line of Apostolic Bishops and has pastored with her husband for many years. She and Bishop Edwards sang a beautiful gospel song for us all. Dr. Tanya’s message was powerful. Mother Moon is teaching us to get back to the early spirit of Christianity in which the movement of believers grew by the Holy Spirit and the Truth. That is what is happening now – there is a most powerful move of the Holy Spirit and Mother Moon is leading us with the truth.

In Psalm 128:3 the Bible says, “Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.” That’s why we need the Blessing, not only to fulfill the scriptures but fulfill God’s plan for the family. Husband, wife and children are to be a blessing to God and one another.

The Blessing changes everything. She shared how the Blessing has anointed her marriage and that she and Bishop Edwards are stronger than ever in the love of Jesus and each other. She showed the core commitments that we must share on PowerPoint and a picture of a young blessed couple at the blessing – she said ,“look at their smile – can you feel it – there is so much joy in their faces. This is the joy of God.”

Host Pastor Rev. Manoj Jacob, District Pastor NJ, PA, DE

On Sat. March 24, at the Clifton Family Church a wonderful ACLC Prayer Breakfast was hosted by Rev. Manoj Jacob, pastor of the Clifton church. Also attending were Rev. Dr. Lanel Guyton of St. Matthew’s AME Church, as well as other prominent clergy of ACLC.

Dr. Lizzie Alston was MC for the day and did a magnificent job as one of the leaders of the ACLC Women In Ministry. Rev. Trautman, also a prominent woman pastor, touched everybody’s hearts by showing us the beauty of coming together in the unity of the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

We have to thank Rev. Gregory Agulan, our ACLC coordinator there.

We always remember and miss Rev. Hitoshi Onishi, but we were encouraged by the fact that his wife and son were there. It was moving to see them actively participating and encouraging the ACLC clergy.

Dr. Lizzie Alston, ACLC Women in Ministry

Dr. Jenkins gave a powerful testimony about ACLC. He gave honor to Rev. Onishi, who went on to heaven. He was the most exemplary leader of ACLC and moved our hearts. He is here with us today. His wife Hiroko and Kenji his son have taken up the mission! That this is the Will of God. “We have been prepared to receive Jesus in his return and he has returned through the anointing of True Parents who are now bringing the grace of Christ to the couples. The Blessing is a deep transfer from the lineage of darkness to the lineage of God.” He stirred the participants in a most mighty way.

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins, ACLC Co-Chairman

Special recognition was given for Rev. Kathaleen Sato who is ACLC Co-Chairman with Bishop Michael Sykes. She is the pillar. All the members of the ACLC outreach team were given thanks and recognition. They are the reason ACLC is so strong in New Jersey, combined with Bishop Sykes and the leadership of our beloved ACLC clergy and the unchanging support of NJ Family Church members.

Our keynote speaker was Dr. Tanya Edwards, pastor of the Family Church of NY. Her husband, Bishop Jesse Edwards, helped to lift the spirit with his encouragement and wisdom on the Blessing and revival that ACLC is bringing to America.

Rev. Jenkins encouraged the ministers to understand what ACLC is all about: what Mother Moon is teaching us, leading the body of Christ by the spirit and truth. In other words, the Holy Spirit is guiding us and the truth sets us free. Then the Holy Spirit has to strengthen our families and our unity. We have to bring the body of Christ together as one with love. Love will heal our community, stop the gun violence, change the nation and make the elder son nation shine again for God.

Pastor Guyton is very supportive of the ACLC movement. His son was a wonderful speaker. He grew up in Bermuda, where his father used to pastor. Then he was assigned to one of the most prominent AME churches in New Jersey. St. Matthew’s is a large church built by many pastors, including Bishop Jackson, who is now Bishop in Atlanta.

Rev. Guyton shared that the love of Jesus and how inspired he feels about ACLC. We are excited to be at his church in May, and blessings will come. Rev. Florence Trautman gave a greeting and a beautiful song by our beloved woman leader from Africa.

We also shared how ACLC must grow through the consistency of prayer breakfasts and also the joy that comes when we hear the Word together. The main activity of ACLC is to bring the Blessing of God to each family and also to single parents. We were very moved when Luke Higuchi brought out the praise dancers, who did a wonderful job of singing “Every Praise,” like we did at Madison Square Garden in July 2017. We were amazed when Luke appeared in sunglasses and sang gang-nam style along with their dancing. It was holy and uplifting and reminded us of the victory of Madison Square Garden.

Yasutaka Ozawa, NJ Youth Pastor who came to the December 2017 ACLC convocation in
Vegas, inspired us all with his support and leadership.

Ten couples came forward for the Blessing as Bishop Edwards explained the meaning of the Holy Wine – then the wives drank half and shared the cup with their husbands. It was a beautiful celebration.

Bishop Soriano was prayed over, as he is now concluding his mission in America and going home to the Philippines. He brought Bishop Marco and Rev. Marco (his wife) who are both pastors of different churches to close out this great prayer breakfast.

by Rev. Kathaleen Sato, ACLC-NJ

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