ACLC-NJ: “Transformed Women Living for the Promise”

“God is the one who transforms us. He capable and He always keeps His promise. God can transform anyone even a prostitute, if she believes in Him and is willing to change. The Archbishop referenced the story of Rahab in the Bible, who was a prostitute. She had faith in God and made the right choice.”

Archbishop Sulanch Lewis-Rose

On May 21, 2017, Archbishop Sulanch Lewis-Rose (the National Co-President of ACLC and the Founder & Leader of the Little Rock Zion International Deliverance Ministries, spoke at the Women’s Day Service, at Evangelical Reform Baptist Church, invited by Elder James P. Paige.

She emphasized that Joshua spared Rahab and her family in the battle of Jericho… God favored Rahab by making her one of the ancestors of Jesus Christ…She was the mother of Boaz and great grandmother of King David. Her story declares God’s unexpected grace and life-transforming power.

The Archbishop instructed everyone to fight together with God to win the battle, and pay attention to people who do good things. Then she concluded by asking the congregation a very serious and profound question – Are you ready to meet the Lord when he returns?


The church staff prepared beautiful decorations in the theme colors of blue and white.  A very confident 6 years old young lady powerfully sang a solo, in a loud and clear voice, followed by a musical selections from the choir – creating a beautiful atmosphere and uplifting the spirit in preparation to receive a word from heaven.

Submitted by Kathaleen Sato / NJ ACLC

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