As people of faith, we want to ensure that our next generation receives the baton and becomes a generation committed to carrying forth faith in God and faith in God’s plan for this world.[…]

Over 100 clergy and guests gather at the ACLC Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, April 27th in Los Angeles, where it became clear that Dominique Cox, a youth pastor at the City of Refuge, has received the baton and is going forth for the sake of future generations.  Growing up in a fatherless home and becoming a single mother herself, she testified that all her trials have been for God’s glory and her salvation in Jesus Christ has made her a victor.  She went on to testify that after Mother Moon spoke on April 6th at the City of Refuge, there was a Peace Rally for the youth. She said it was a true point of inspiration for her to see the younger generation pouring out their hearts to God and pledging themselves to their future spouse; to integrity, purity and fidelity. This experience was very precious to her and she has been keeping the pledge card, which she received that day, with her ever since.

Acclaimed actor Richard Gant shared his testimony next and acknowledged that the theme for Mother Moon’s event, “Peace Starts with Me” is a sobering notion because it clearly involves personal responsibility and requires one to align oneself with God’s will.

A dignified and eloquent Rev. Jae Yoon Pak, who is a Korean former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, declared how grateful he is to be working together with people who are preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  He quoted from Luke 4:18, when Jesus declared, “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me”.….” I have come to set free the oppressed!”  We have so many broken marriages and broken families in this world. Rev. Pak said that if we are among those that have received the Holy Spirit, we must heal the lost souls; the broken marriages and families.  Jesus is crying out for this world and crying out for us to heal the broken hearted.

Deacon Roy Valle and Minister Shekenna Valle

Next Deacon Roy Valle and Minister Shekenna Valle, from the City of Refuge came forward. Minister Shekenna shared how God had delivered her from the deep and painful resentment of her abusive past. Hate had taken over in her life, but one day she was invited to church, and she testified “God took the hatred out of my heart and peace started within me.” She started an organization entitled “Love is not Domestic Abuse” and she helps women who have been abused and men who have been abusive. She testified “I felt so good at the service on April 6th! There was so much “peace”. Her husband, Deacon Roy exclaimed: “How profound Dr. Moon is by proclaiming that “Peace Starts with Me”.  God is letting us know that we can have peace in the midst of all of the suffering which we endure, and we are the ones that can take that peace to our families, to our community and to the world. Minister Shekeena testified: “When my husband and I participated in the Blessing on April 6th, we clearly experienced the power of the Holy Ghost as we renewed our marriage vows.”

Pastor Evon McMurry

In conclusion, Pastor Evon McMurry from Word Empowerment to Serve, Inc. and a member of the Los Angeles ACLC Steering Committee testified to her gratitude to God and gratitude to the ministry of ACLC for providing a platform for what she has held deep in her heart throughout her 40 years in ministry; love knows no boundaries, there are no racial lines, no denominational lines, no religious lines in God’s plan for this world. In Galatians 5:22 and 25, it says; “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness” and “If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Pastor McMurry testified: “All my life I have understood that the peace of God lives within me and this is what I must pass on to others. The peace of God surpasses all understanding. On April 6th, we witnessed the peace of God manifest here in America, in this nation! Peace Starts With Me and that time is now!”

Submitted by Minster Susan Munsell, ACLC Co-Chair Los Angeles

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