Dr. Glovinia Williams

ACLC Women In Ministry was invited by Evang. Wanda McIntyre to give a True Family Values presentation at the monthly prayer breakfast held by the Women of Faith at King Solomon Baptist Church.  Thirty women ministers from different churches come together each month.

The September 15th event began as usual with one hour of prayer offered by several ministers and Dr. Charles Elliott; including Dr. Glovinia Williams and Min. Reiko Jenkins, who gave a powerful prayer.   Rev. James Elliott joined us as well.  Immediately following the prayer session, everyone moved into the next room where presentations were given over breakfast.

Min. Reiko Jenkins gave a brief introduction to Women in Ministry and an invitation to hear Mother Moon speak in New York on November 12 , then introduced Dr. Glovinia Williams.  Dr. Williams spoke on “God’s Original Ideal.”  I was moved to tears as I looked around the room; every eye was fixed upon her or the outline she provided. Guests answered in unison to the questions she asked, and every occasionally uttered a wow or amen. The spirit was very high, and the Holy Spirit was present.

 Submitted by Rev. David Powell, ACLC-KY

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