Bishop Franklin Fountain of Fountain of Youth Cathedral in Bridgeport was host and main presenter at our Sept. 22 prayer breakfast.  He played the piano, Rev. Hawkins played drums and Keiko Breland began the program by leading us in singing “Amazing Grace.”

Bishop Fountain then introduced ACLC and his long relationship with the organization. He spoke passionately of some of the difficulties he has gone through in his ministry and asserted he has gained much through his association with ACLC.  He testified that ACLC has made him a better Christian and brought him closer to his savior, Jesus Christ.  He also spoke about the local members he’d gotten to know over the years. He stated that when times got rough he found many of them really supported him when other “friends” were trying to tear him down. It was quite moving.

The video, “The Power of True Love” was shown testifying to the power of the Holy Marriage Blessing. The words of Rev. T.L Barrett and his son, Torrey, were powerful and it was easy to see the appreciation they had for Father and Mother Moon’s work in America.  Then we conducted the Marriage Blessing for all married couples present, in a beautiful rededication .

Antonio Battilocchi, Executive Director of ACLC-CT, introduced Bruce Grodner, National ACLC Director, who explained we can’t in the 21st century put God in a box of one denomination or faith. In this age we realize God is bigger than any one religion or denomination.

Many participants stayed nearly another hour sharing and talking.

Submitted by Rev. Greg Breland, ACLC-CT




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